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This is an amazing opportunity to run your own professional services
 marketplace and collect commissions, just like elance.com!


Ecommerce Enabled. Fully Automated and Real Time Auction Site


A complete turnkey operation. No training needed!

bullet All payments are handled through PayPal, You do not need a merchant account!

Complete access and license to all scripts.


Web Hosting is only $14.95 a month


Free support as long as your site is hosted with Instantonlinestores.com


*Free 6 month membership to helpsubmit.com to assist in promoting your website..

*helpsubmit.com is a partner and we are not responsible for any of their content.  We will will not provide support for their site.  If you have questions please feel free to contact them.

  Marketing Bonus Package ::  Valued At Over $125.00
10,000 Unique Visitors sent to your site within the first 30 days ($29.95 Value)
1,000 Creative Ad Clicks ($19.95 Value)
100 Banner Clicks ($29.95  Value)
Professional Banner (49.95 Value)
24/7 Phone and Email Tech Support (when hosted on our network)
and much more...
  Powerful Features ::
Advanced admin gives you maximum control:
  • Manage list of banned usernames, e-mails, and IPs.
  • View financial information, such as deposits, withdrawals, and a monthly profit report!
  • Delete accounts, suspend accounts, give special status, add/remove funds, and more.
  • Refund project commissions.
  • Track last recorded login times and delete inactive accounts.
  • Find and close projects.
  • E-mail all members.
E-mail address must be confirmed before finishing signup process, and whenever a member changes it.
  E-mail addresses are kept confidential, and you can choose to ban other contact information.
  Create unlimited job categories.
  Allow users to pick only one category or several.
  When a project is posted, providers who might be interested are automatically notified.
  When a provider places a bid, he can choose to be notified when someone places a bid lower than his bid.
  Individual message boards for each project!
  Private messages can be posted on message board.
  Messages can be sent to another user by e-mail, all web based, thus keeping e-mail addresses hidden.
  Buyer can extend the end date on their project. You decide the maximum days.
  Buyer can pick a provider anytime they want.
  All users can be rated after they take part in a project.
  Ratings and reviews are displayed for everyone.
  You can give discounts to users based on their ratings.
  Allow buyers to pay to have their project featured. Which means a graphic appears beside it, and you can choose to waive your commission on such projects.
  A members account gets frozen automatically if their balance is below zero for a certain amount of days. Thus encouraging people to deposit money and pay your commission.
  Paypal.com deposits are also completely automatic.
  Any other types of deposits can still be done by the admin.
  Members can transfer money to another member. This is how buyers pay providers for a project.
  Referral system built-in: You decide how much money members make for referring a provider and how much for a buyer. Referrals are tracked using Cookies. Funds are added to the member's account automatically when a referred user signs up.
  ...And so many more features!

How Does This Make Money?

Listed below are the fees charged to
Your Web Sites members for commissions on projects
Buyers commission: 10% on projects final price
Freelancers commission: 10% on projects final price
Min. commission $5







15 $1,500 $78,000
20 $2,000 $104,000


How Can I Start My Own Freelance Business Now?

Sign up for your new Freelance Web Site. You will then be redirected to a page to sign up for the basic hosting package.  If you do not already own a domain name, you will have the opportunity to purchase one when you sign up for the hosting.

After you place your order we will contact you with the different styles and colors available then we we will build your site. We also have many designs and color options so let us know what you like,  i.e. color schemes, and we will do our best to make sure to meet your needs.


Pay Pal   Credit Card

All purchases are thoroughly reviewed for possible fraud.

You must also understand that we are unable to issue ANY refunds for design services rendered. Please read the Terms for Turnkey Websites

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