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To gain any exposure, sites need to be listed high on the    search engines. But with major search engines like Overture    and Google, the competition is fierce.

The best keywords can cast up to $5.00 per click. Many site owners would rather use a smaller search engine to bid for     their keywords, allowing them a high chance at a top ten spot.

Owning one of these search engines is a great way to make money on the Internet. Search engine owners make a profit each time a visitor clicks on a member's site.


Ecommerce Enabled. Fully Automated and Real Time Pay Per Click Search Engine.


All payments are handled through PayPal, You do not need a merchant account!


A complete turnkey operation. No training needed!


Complete access and license to CGI script(s) including the advanced SmartSearch Script.


Web Hosting is only $14.95 a month


Free support as long as your site is hosted with Instantonlinestores.com


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  Own a Profit Pulling Pay Per Click Search Engine ::
Search Engine
bullet Can handle thousands of listings per keyword. That's more than enough (Goto.com has an average of 40 listings per keyword).
bullet Web sites bid money to get listed, and they only pay every time someone clicks through to their site from your search.
bullet Only daily unique clicks are counted (to prevent fake clicking).
bullet Clicks are counted, the site is charged according to how much they bid, and the visitor is redirected to that site instantly.
bullet Sites are only listed under keywords they have bid on, and if they have enough money in their accounts.
bullet Very unique feature: Optionally let members bid on a "catch all" keyword. This means the listing is displayed for any keyword that has no bids on it, anything from "computer hardware" to nonsense like "aeUYSDkfds". This is an excellent option for members who don't need targeted traffic, and you can make lots of extra money.
bullet Displays the current most searched for keywords
bullet Confirmation e-mail sent before new accounts are opened.

Member Admin

bullet Main page with news/updates, account balance update, average money spent per day, and estimated time until they run out of money.
bullet Manage Listings, where members can add/edit/delete search listings and change their bids.
bullet Info and password changing page.
bullet Special search to quickly check bids placed on keywords by others.
bullet Advanced stats which are updated instantly!
bullet Link to instructions on how to make payments and add funds to their accounts.
bullet Members account area let's them search for a keyword's popularity.
bullet Special mass-submission form for people to submit multiple submissions at once.
bullet Lost password lookup tool.

Webmaster Admin

bullet Admin page lets you approve/deny submissions, view detailed info about members, and add/subtract money from their accounts.
bullet E-mail notifications sent to members for everything from signup to approved submissions.
bullet Passwords are encrypted for the admin and members, as well as the data used to count clicks (to prevent anyone from messing with it).
bullet Warning e-mail is sent out before a customer's account runs out of funds (any amount of days in advance that you want).
bullet Search keywords are logged.
bullet Admin can view any number of top keywords or top members (by account balance).
bullet Admin area shows each member's bid listings.
bullet Admin can delete individual keyword listings

Affiliate Program

bullet Affiliate program: pay members 25% of the bid that is clicked. Earnings are added to their account and they can view affiliate stats. A great way to increase hits to your search engine!
bullet Affiliate earnings' summary for each month available in the admin section.


How Does This Make Money?

Search Engine Listing Fees
The below example assumes that each customer deposits only $25 into their advertising account.








100 $2,500
250 $6,250
500 $12,500
1000 $25,000

Thousands of Bided Results are Already Listed!

Your search engine will be stocked with thousands of listings through your search partners (listed below) who pay you to display their listings.
SearchFeed - Earn 40% of every click through!
RevenuePILOT - Earn 60% of every click!

How Can I Start My Online Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Business Now?

Sign up for your new Pay-Per-Click Web Site. You will then be redirected to a page to sign up for the basic hosting package.  If you do not already own a domain name, you will have the opportunity to purchase one when you sign up for the hosting.

After you place your order we will contact you with the different styles and colors available then we we will build your site. We also have many designs and color options so let us know what you like,  i.e. color schemes, and we will do our best to make sure to meet your needs.


Pay Pal   Credit Card

All purchases are thoroughly reviewed for possible fraud.

You must also understand that we are unable to issue ANY refunds for design services rendered. Please read the Terms for Turnkey Websites

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