Terms Of Service For Instantonlinestores.com Turnkey Websites ::

LEGAL NOTICE - Purchasing of any Turnkey Website indicates that you are in agreement with the terms and conditions established herein. Please read & record in detail.

Terms: Throughout this document, the terms 'Instantonlinestores.com' may also be referred to as 'seller', 'I', 'we, or 'our'. These terms also represent the company owner. The terms 'buyer', 'purchaser', 'new owner', or 'you', or similar representation, will represent the person or entity that purchases this website. The purchaser will be responsible for all collection fees in the event of default, including but not limited to associated processing and legal fees.

Right to Terminate: In the event that this transaction should become unsatisfactory to either party involved, the limit of liability to buyer by seller will be whatever money paid to seller by the buyer. All information assets conveyed will be transferred back to seller and/or destroyed, whichever the seller deems appropriate. Buyer is responsible for meeting local and federal guidelines for collection of taxes if appropriate. (Paypal can compute this on a per state basis for the buyer and add it automatically for only residents of the state where the seller resides. This is not a problem, just 15 minutes of effort to enable at Paypal).

Site License: With each site we include the non-transferable single use license to the source code for each site license purchased. You can modify the source code and web site for your own use on the original domain listed and associated with our advertisement and your purchase with us. You cannot resell copies or similar representations of our work.

Hosting: We attempt to provide high performance professional hosting through InstantOnlineStores.com. You have the option of any time of moving your website to any hosting provider. We will assist you with the transfer for a normal fee, which is traditionally around one hours working rate.

Indemnification:  When purchasing this site, we indemnify the owner of any copyright problems related to all programming contained in the website as it is sold. In some cases, portions of the site such as graphic images may have potential liens or claims by other parties that we are unaware of at time of sale. In the event that this occurs, those portions of the website will be removed, replaced, or refunded at our choice. The buyer also agrees to indemnify InstantOnlineStores.com, and subsidiaries from any liabilities resulting from the sale or operation of the website including but not limited to: defects in programming or functionality, performance of the web site or hosting services used, timeliness of recovery of website operations, quality of or problems resulting from products sold on the site, or profitability of the web site. Buyer is informed that the seller is not a legal or tax consultant and should confer with appropriate professionals for legal and tax advice relative to operation of this or any business. In addition, the seller recommends that the buyer confer with an alternate experienced web design company to authenticate operations and other information assets associated with this sale.

Warranty: All web pages, domain names, technical materials, and web page scripts will be provided as demonstrated through this site are provided with a limited warranty. Seller is a professional computer consultancy and will make a best effort attempt to correct any defects found within the support period for free. In the event problems cannot be resolved due to technical reasons, the purchaser agrees to move the website to a new hosting service or environment to enable repair or replacement of the sub-portions of the website that are failing. In some cases, various web hosting services change there policies without notice, and the purchaser understand that this is beyond the control or responsibility of the seller. Beyond the established free support period, normal support rates will apply for repair work at the buyers expense. The buyer has the right to hire any programming company or other entity to take over support of the site providing all provisions in this agreement are applied accordingly.

Modification: The buyer agrees that these terms may be modified by the seller to meet local or federal laws, or to correct defects in the agreement, without prior notice. If any portion of this agreement is deemed illegal by any court, the remaining portions of the agreement will remain in effect.

Jurisdiction: All legal activity regarding this site will be handled under the premise of State of WV, USA law. The Internet Trust Incorporated reserves the right to determine the geographic location for all legal dispute judication.

Use of logos and links: We retain the right to place a logo and active web site link to our web development company or affiliated website sales companies, on all web sites we sell or code. In the event a new web design company is used, they must include a reference to our company, at our option, that indicates "Original website design by...". We reserve the right to adjust such logos and links on our behalf.

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